Sniggity-niggity-noinch! (heywood417) wrote in louisianaphoto,

hi there

I just joined this community. I live in Lafayette and work for an environmental consulting firm, which allows me to be outdoors a lot...and I pretty much ALWAYS have my camera with me.

A little bit about me...I'm originally from Missouri (a mid-westerner, NOT a Yankee--I was raised on a farm), but moved to New Orleans for grad school. I was displaced by Katrina to Thibodaux, then moved to Houma, and now I've been in Lafayette for about a year. I absolutely love Louisiana and I can't see myself moving away for quite some time. I love the environment here, the atmosphere, the culture, the food, the music, the weather, everything.

So, ANYWAY, I'll shut up and say hello, and that I'm glad there's a community like this. Louisiana is SO photogenic and such a beautiful place to live.

And here's a photo I took while we were working near Port Sulphur, LA.

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