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Hi All

I came across this group late last night, so I though I would just make a quick post to introduce myself. I live in Baton Rouge and I've been involved in photography since 1985.


 My photography, to me, is more than point and shoot; it’s rather more of an expression of art. It gives me the freedom to see things in a different sort of way than most. The best part, I feel, about working in and around the state of Louisiana is that there are so many historic locations, run down building, and scenic areas to visit and shoot and of course me being me, I always have to add my own flavor to the photos I take.



This shot was taken at one of Louisiana’s old Forts built during the mid 1800’s. Models name is Clair Her Website...


Clair is a fantastic model to work with, fun energetic and follows direction very well.


Anyway, Clair is standing in the back of a big room in an old fire pit. What I liked about putting her in this spot was the light that was just peaking through the top of the casemate. I had Clair stand in the pit placing her hands on both sides at a slight upward angel and look up. As the light came down, it just bathed her and gave me the feeling of freedom and beauty within the ruins. This is just one of the many images taken that day.


Enough of my rambling…


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