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hi there

I just joined this community. I live in Lafayette and work for an environmental consulting firm, which allows me to be outdoors a lot...and I pretty much ALWAYS have my camera with me.

A little bit about me...I'm originally from Missouri (a mid-westerner, NOT a Yankee--I was raised on a farm), but moved to New Orleans for grad school. I was displaced by Katrina to Thibodaux, then moved to Houma, and now I've been in Lafayette for about a year. I absolutely love Louisiana and I can't see myself moving away for quite some time. I love the environment here, the atmosphere, the culture, the food, the music, the weather, everything.

So, ANYWAY, I'll shut up and say hello, and that I'm glad there's a community like this. Louisiana is SO photogenic and such a beautiful place to live.

And here's a photo I took while we were working near Port Sulphur, LA.

Dark Side of the moon


My husband and I have been traveling around La. taking pics and enjoying the beauty of our state. I've been posting them in my personal journal and I noticed that there wasn't any communities for Louisiana pictures. We created a community to share photos of what makes our state great and unique. Post any and all pictures of people, scenery, outings, events and anything that makes up this beautiful state we call home. Come join louisiana_pix and share the beauty in your part of the state.

Thank you for allowing me to post this.
THE HERMIT - The Phantom Stranger from t

Satellite Images Provide Overhead View Of Neighborhoods

A Cessna airplane flying at 7,500 feet above the New Orleans area took hundreds of pictures that are now available online.

The entire area has not been photographed, but you can use the maps in an effort to find your neighborhood.

Click here to go to the site, which is provided by NOAA, to see if your neighborhood is flooded. You can also find satellite images from Google.

Once there, you can click on the small black boxes to zoom to the overhead pictures. Then, use the back button in your Internet browser to return to the main map.

Satellite Image Shows New Orleans Flooding
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Hi All

I came across this group late last night, so I though I would just make a quick post to introduce myself. I live in Baton Rouge and I've been involved in photography since 1985.


 My photography, to me, is more than point and shoot; it’s rather more of an expression of art. It gives me the freedom to see things in a different sort of way than most. The best part, I feel, about working in and around the state of Louisiana is that there are so many historic locations, run down building, and scenic areas to visit and shoot and of course me being me, I always have to add my own flavor to the photos I take.



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